Ik wou dat het afwas”, a Dutch wordplay which describes my job perfectly. There is never a dull moment in our dishwashing area, I absolutely love this! My name is Jason, I have been a dishwasher for a while now. The dishwashing area feels a bit like my own company, every new day is a challenge to clean all the dishes. It is a tough job, but it gives me a lot of energy.

There are 3 areas where I can do my job and in the summer, there’s even 4. Upstairs is the main area where the waiters can put their dirty dishes, coffee cups, cutlery, tea glasses and so on. The second area is the one from our second restaurant; the New York Basement. The third one is the one where we clean the pots, the pans, the ladles and all the other kitchen equipment. During the summer we also have the fourth one, Maaskant, which is our pavilion on our terrace with its own dishing area. Thankfully we have our own fully electrical dishwashing train, where we can put in our rinsed dishes. Of course we check at the end if everything came out fully clean.

Aside from the regular dishes our team has a few other tasks. Are you curious, not afraid to get a little wet and are you a hard worker? Please send your application for the function Dishwasher!

What makes you the perfect colleague?

  • You can work at least 2 shifts per week, of which there is 1 during the week and 1 at the weekend.
  • It’s important that you can work independently, but you have to be able to work as a team as well.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions! We rather have that you are asking one too many questions than too less.

What can Hotel New York offer me?

  • Growth: Hotel New York is part of the growing Westcord hotel chain, where I can always keep developing.
  • Reliability: our salary is paid on time!
  • Our schedule is always published on time, about 2 weeks in advance, so I have time to make plans with family and friends.
  • 30/30 Member: besides the salary, Hotel New York offers other extra’s like: hotel stay for only  €30,- including breakfast in HNY and other Westcord hotels // 30% off of products in our gift shop and Westcord products // 30% off of your table bill (combination of drinking and dining) // 30% off of Wellness in Westcord Hotels.
  • In-house courses given by our Hospitality trainer.
  • New-colleague bonus: €250,- when you bring on a new colleague and this person gets hired!
  • Working for HNY makes me extremely happy because of the dynamic workplace and the huge team we have here. We really are a TEAM!

Interested? Apply quickly through our website. For more information, you can call 010-4390580 or ask your question even more conveniently via WhatsApp at 06-11746431.