My name is Rutger and I work for more than 6 years by Hotel New York as a housekeeper. As a Housekeeper at Hotel New York you have different places where you can work, super nice if I do say so myself. The Café-Restaurant must be extremely clean before the guests arrive, but also the venues for weddings and meetings. Hotel New York has six rooms where weddings, meetings or dinners are held. These all have to be cleaned by my colleagues and me. The laundry and ironing are also part of my work and I make sure that the toilets shine again.

In addition, the following tasks are also part of my work:

  • Cleaning offices;
  • Dusting, vacuuming and mopping
  • Cleaning windows, doors and cleaning furniture, etc.;
  • Checking (technical) facilities, signaling defects/shortages and passing them on to the relevant colleague;

In addition to all the hard work, you earn a good salary!

  • 16 or 17 years old? You earn € 9.00 gross per hour.
  • 18 years? You earn € 10.50 gross per hour.
  • 19 or 20 years? You earn € 11.50 gross per hour.
  • 21  years? You earn € 11.75 gross per hour.
  • 22 years or older? You earn at least € 12.23 gross per hour.


  • Morning mood? We do not like it… It is important that your mood is the same as your working method, fresh and fruity.
  • You are available at least 1 day on the weekend. Times are in consultation.
  • You have your own transportation.

What can Hotel New York offer me?

  • Growth: Hotel New York is part of the growing Westcord hotel chain, where I can always keep developing.
  • Reliability: our salary is paid on time!
  • Our schedule is always published on time, about 2 weeks in advance, so I have time to make plans with family and friends.
  • 30/30 Member: besides the salary, Hotel New York offers other extra’s like: hotel stay for only €30, - including breakfast in HNY and other Westcord hotels // 30% off products in our gift shop and Westcord products // 30% off your table bill (combination of drinking and dining) // 30% off Wellness in Westcord Hotels.
  • In-house courses given by our Hospitality trainer.
  • New-colleague bonus: €250, - when you bring on a new colleague and this person is hired!
  • Working for HNY makes me extremely happy because of the dynamic workplace and the huge team we have here. We really are a TEAM!

Interested? Apply quickly through our website. For more information, you can call 010-4390580 or ask your question even more conveniently via WhatsApp at 06-11746431.