Kitchen Employee

Full- or part-time job as kitchen employee on a unique location (Vlieland, Terschelling, or Ameland), including board and lodging!

Are you ready for a new adventure as a cook? Do you have no plans for the upcoming time and do you want to make money? Besides that, are you hospitable, motivated, and enthusiastic? Then start working for us on the Wadden islands as a cook!

We are looking for nice people whom are willing to work hard, while having fun. Grinding in your vacation, weekend, or fulltime on Vlieland where it’s never boring!

Are you creative, a hard worker, and a king (or queen) in the kitchen? Do you know how to create the tastiest dishes or do want to help create these? Are you the type of person that gets satisfaction from happy guests and someone who sees unhappy guests as a challenge? Someone who is able to work hard, but simultaneously able to maintain a pleasant working environment? Then we are looking for you! From washing lettuce to grilling steaks and from cutting cucumber to a stunning creation on a plate, you feel at home in the kitchen and you can show your skills in there or you want to learn these skills!

Once you enter the work area you’ll be noticing the fun chaos already. You greet your colleagues in the kitchen and you wave to the busy barkeepers and waiting staff. You discuss with your chef what needs to be done still for the preparation. Are there any particulars and will we have big groups? The tasks are divided. Together with your colleagues you make sure the lunch dishes are sent to the restaurant rapidly while you make sure the preparations for the busy evening are ready. In the meantime you joke around with the dishwasher, you compliment a colleague on a nice dish, and you ask the waitress whether all guests are satisfied. Your shift flies by. After your shift you take a cold drink while overlooking the sea. Being a cook on an island isn’t so bad!

Working on Vlieland

We have two hotels and one beach club on Vlieland. Our family business once started at Hotel de Wadden in the Dorpsstraat on Vlieland. Moreover, Beach hotel Seeduyn is located right at the beach and you’ll find the only beach club on Vlieland there as well: The Badhuys.Vlieland, Terschelling, and Ameland are popular tourist destinations with large white beaches and cozy villages. During summer tourists and workers make these islands very lively, whereas winters provide calmness allowing you to get to know your colleagues and enjoy the coziness of small communities where everyone knows each other. And, not to mention the islands have amazing natural environments.  

But… working for WestCord doesn’t only mean running and sweating for your work. Because, besides working hard, we also need someone who likes swimming in the sea, someone who likes meeting new people, who likes to spend off hours sunbathing or surfing on the beach, and someone who likes to end his shifts with having a few drinks with his or her colleagues or a bonfire on the beach! Because besides colleagues, we’re also a close-knit family at WestCord.

We offer you a good hourly wage.

  • From 16/17 years €10,65*
  • From 18 years €12,43*
  • From 19/20 years €13,61*
  • From 21 years €14,34*

*Including vacation pay and vacation days, excluding tips.

What makes you the perfect colleague?

  • Hospitable, open, and spontaneous: these are your qualities!
  • The hospitality industry is familiar ground to you: you have working experience in a similar function or you wish to develop yourself in this industry.
  • You have a flexible attitude and no “9-to-5” mentality.
  • You make every day into a new adventure together with your colleagues!
  • This function is available as of now. You will be available to work in weekends, holidays or fulltime.


What has WestCord Hotels to offer?

  • Growth: Working within a growing hotel chain where you can continue to develop yourself and grow within the company. WestCord is actively working on practicing sustainable employability.
  • Training: Are you not yet fully comfortable with the position you are willing to fulfil? Or are you willing to acquire new skills and information? Our hospitality trainers are here to teach you all the important aspects of our profession.
  • Balance: We believe your work and private life should not intertwine. Therefore, we use our own communication platform, with which you are always up to date about developments and news in your team and organization. You can also continue to work on your skills and knowledge by doing to available e-learning modules.
  • Good arrangements for relatives and supplementary retirement pension.
  • Daily lunch and dinner, great coffee and lots of fruit. A perfect moment to sit and chat with your colleagues. 
  • 30/30 member: Our goal is to make you ‘part of the family’. That is why we offer your great extras such as €30,- per night including breakfast in all of our hotels and 30% discount on the F&B, the wellness, and other WestCord products.
  • Introductory & signing bonus: We promise our guests that they will wish to come back. Do you know somebody who would love to be part of our team? Then you and the colleague you introduced will receive a net bonus of €250,00 deposited into your account.
  • Surprise Our OneTeam: WestCord seeks to surprise her guests, but in addition to that, we also want to surprise our colleagues! This doesn’t only make a day at work fun, it also makes it surprising and even more enjoyable.
  • Lodging: During your employment with us you will initially stay in a staff room / house / apartment. For a longer term stay, we offer opportunities to grow into your own studio or apartment.


About WestCord Hotels:

WestCord Hotels is a Dutch family company that has existed for over 50 years. The company has grown from the first hotel, Hotel de Wadden on Vlieland. Nowadays, the chain has 17 hotels, spread all over the Netherlands. Including a few iconic hotels, such as Hotel New York Rotterdam, the ss Rotterdam and Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam. We are only satisfied when we have satisfied guests and everything is focused on that. Committed, sincere, intimate and tough. That is what WestCord Hotels stands for. 

Will you become our new colleague? Leave your details below, then we will contact you as soon as possible.