Night clean-up Employee

re you a real nightbird and do you think that performing cleaning tasks at night is a lot more interesting than doing so during the day, because everything is so different? No overcrowded highways, meaning you’ll be at work way faster… A hotel where all of the guests are already sleeping.
Together with our Night receptionist you’re responsible for the hotel. My name is Sanne, I work at the human resources department and would like to have a job interview with you for the position of Night cleanup Employee. We’re looking for someone who’s at their best at night! Hotel New York operates 24/7, so there’s plenty to do at night. You’re able to arrange everything down to the last detail in preparation for the day. Are you a star at cleaning operations and never miss a spot? A selection of the work: ironing the linen, mopping, sorting the bottles, cleaning the whipped cream machine, cutting the lemons... This was just a small portion of tasks you’ll be responsible for as Night cleanup Employee. Are you interested to see what else is involved at night and are you willing to roll up your sleeves and work proactively? Are you not afraid of physically demanding work, but do you draw energy from this? And can you do all of this without waking up our guests?... Then the position of Night cleanup Employee is exactly the one for you!

What makes you the perfect colleague?

  • You’re at your best at night! Sleeping? That’s something you’ll do during the day.
  • You prefer working independently.
  • Experience with cleaning is a plus.
  • It’s hospitality… that includes working on weekends and holidays.
What can Hotel New York offer me?
  • Growth: Hotel New York is part of the growing Westcord hotel chain, where I can always keep developing.
  • Reliability: our salary is paid on time!
  • Our schedule is always published on time, about 2 weeks in advance, so I have time to make plans with family and friends.
  • 30/30 Member: besides the salary, Hotel New York offers other extra’s like: hotel stay for only  €30,- including breakfast in HNY and other Westcord hotels // 30% off of products in our gift shop and Westcord products // 30% off of your table bill (combination of drinking and dining) // 30% off of Wellness in Westcord Hotels.
  • In-house courses given by our Hospitality trainer.
  • New-colleague bonus: €250,- when you bring on a new colleague and this person gets hired!
Interested? Call 010-4390580 or apply even more easily via WhatsApp. Would you like to know more about a position or would you like to let us know that you are interested? Send a message to (+31)6-11746431.