Waiter/ Waitress

Do you want to work on our vibrant terrace this summer, where the sun shines, drinks flow, and guests enjoy the best that Hotel New York has to offer? That works out perfectly.

My name is Danny, and I've been working at Hotel New York for a while now. I've attended internal training sessions that have prepared me for the role of a waiter! I was mentored by an experienced hospitality staff member in a section and have been working as an independent Waiter at Hotel New York for 2 years now. One day, I serve in a section as a hospitality staff member, another day I welcome guests as a host, and yet another time I work in the event halls. This way, the work never gets boring! My colleagues and I strive to provide every guest with a special experience as hospitality staff members.

Currently, we are looking for colleagues who are 18 years and older, due to the closing shifts at Hotel New York. On a busy evening, this could be until 01:30 AM or 02:30 AM.

In addition to all the hard work, you'll earn a good salary!

  • 18 years old? You'll earn €10.50 gross per hour.
  • 19 or 20 years old? You'll earn €11.50 gross per hour.
  • 1 years old? You'll earn €12.12 gross per hour.
  • 22 years and older? You'll earn at least €12.54 gross per hour.

What makes you a perfect colleague?

  • You can work at least 2 days a week. One of those days is on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • You have your own transportation.

What does HNY (Hotel New York) offer me?

  • Growth opportunities: working within Hotel New York, part of the expanding hotel chain WestCord, where I can continue to develop myself.
  • Reliability: the salary is always paid on time!
  • Fortunately, the schedule is always known in advance, about 2 weeks ahead, so I can still enjoy fun activities with friends and family.
  • 30/30 Member: In addition to the salary, Hotel New York offers even more cool perks, such as: staying overnight for only €30, including breakfast at HNY and WestCord Hotels // 30% discount on items in the Kiosk of Hotel New York and WestCord products // 30% discount on the bill at the table (food and drinks combined) // 30% discount on Wellness at our WestCord Hotels.
  • Internal training from our own Hospitality trainer.
  • Referral bonus: a net bonus of €250 when you refer a new colleague who also gets hired!

Interested? Apply quickly through our website. For more information, you can call 010-4390580 or ask your question even more conveniently via WhatsApp at 06-11746431.